Energy Concepts

LED – an ideal light source

LEDS are a form of innovative lighting technology surpassing traditional illuminants in terms of power-saving and reliability. Despite their enormous electricity savings, LED lamps provide pleasant colour and brightness and can therefore be an important alternative to conventional lighting for use in living areas, offices and warehouses, as well as industrial buildings.

LEDS are the light of the future! ADLOR Energy upgrades your business to LED lamps. We offer advice, calculate your requirements, supply you with our own LED brand and install the lights. Compare your options when choosing between halogens, energy-saving lamps and LED.


  • Maximum energy savings up to 90%
  • Up to 60% CO2 reductions
  • High luminosity without turn-on delay
  • Extremely long service life
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low heat build-up
  • Extremely high switching stability
  • No resonance noises



  • No UV or IR radiation
  • No proven electric smog
  • No fading of illuminated materials
  • High shock resistance
  • No insect attraction
  • Eligible for Kfw funding