Energy Concepts

Photovoltaic – using the sun is the future

Solar energy is a renewable, unlimited and clean energy resource. Non-renewable energy, such as petroleum and natural gas, pollutes the environment and will soon be exhausted; therefore, it costs more and more.

The future lies in the inexhaustible and free available power of the sun.

Using solar energy is the future. ADLOR Energy ensures that. We help you to make money with clean energy: Become more independent of conventional energy supply systems, dwindling resources and increasing energy costs! How? It’s easy: With a solar power system promoted by the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). Guaranteed by the government for 20 years’ return, a solar power system is financed virtually by itself.

This allows you to benefit from your revenues with a clear conscience – for example, in order to plan your retirement. The positive side effect: With a photovoltaic system the value of our real estate increases permanently!

Advantages of owning a solar power system:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Secure and above-average returns
  • Supplementary pension in addition to the mandatory pension
  • Tax depreciation possibilities over 20 years
  • Possibility of VAT refund
  • Value added from previously unused land
  • Lower electricity costs through the consumption of the electricity produced
  • Tax benefits through the deduction of the investment cost with regard to multi-year investments